Friday, June 13, 2008

City of Yellowknife

Hopefully Tyler will upload some pictures taken yesterday on the trip to the end of the road. The Ingram Trail runs for 70Km out along the north shore of the Great Slave Lake. The end of that road is truly the end for an automobile. But, in winter months the ice truckers continue out into the bush to supply the diamond mines located about 350Km further on. So, now I can say I went to the end of the road.

We camped at a NWT Park, Prelude Lake, about 1/2 way back toward town from the end of the road. It was a really nice campsite with a huge rock that runs all the way to the shoreline of the lake as the main feature. We sat and drank gin and tonic and talked for about an hour or so with Bruce the park attendant. Bruce seems to be representative of most of the younger folks we've encountered here in the far north. Most are idealistic free spirits who have found some soothing influence here where the winters are hard and long and the summers short and mosquito infested. Bruce works the park in exchange for shelter and a stipend. He does own his own cabin somewhere on the lake but for the summer his neighbors are using his cabin while he stays in the park. I reckon come winter Bruce will reoccupy his cabin. He told me that his cabin cost him about $95K a few years back. That is typical of what we've seen here. Houses in town, double-wide mobile homes, are listed in the local paper for $320K. I cannot imagine paying that for a prefab home but the folks here accept it as a part of life in Yellowknife.

The town is divided into Old Town and New Town. Old town is where the Wild Cat cafe is located. That little cafe is where we had lunch before heading out to the end of the road yesterday. I had Muskox and Caribou stew over poutine. Poutine is apparently as common in Canada as are french fries in the USA. The ingredients are fried potatoes and melted cheese covered with a significant helping of salt; a heart attack in waiting. It was good though. And now I can say I've eaten muskox and caribou stew. For those curious about the taste, I can only say it does not taste like chicken. ;-)

Tonight we will stay in a shack here in town. Tyler arranged for this through the Couch Surfer's website. (I'll provide a link later.) Tomorrow bright and early, we head south. We will do the 300 miles or so to High level and hopefully alight early enough to get some clothes washed. Sunday morning we will contine on to at least Edmonton and finally on Monday on to Calgary to pick up parts at Dale's house.

Stay tuned. More to come...


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